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How the Segway Works

Segway i2’s can self-balance because of a technology called Dynamic Stabilization. It works much the same way your own sense of balance does. Where you have an inner ear, eyes, muscles, and brain to keep you balanced, the Segway i2 has a solid-state gyroscope, tilt sensors, high speed microprocessors and powerful electric motor performing to keep it in balance.

Segways balance whether you’re traveling 10mph or slowly maneuvering in tight spaces or standing perfectly still.

Lean forward...go forward.

The Segway intuitively balances the way humans do, responding to changes in your body position. This is no accelerator and no brakes. Lean forward and you go forward. Straighten up and you stop. Lean back and you move back.

Segways are easy to use. If you can drive a car you can ride a Segway. After a brief orientation and some practice, you’ll be read to experience the city of Vancouver and its beautiful sites in comfort and ease. You’ll be able to see more and focus on the sites you’re most interested in twice the amount of time if you walked the same path.

Your professional guide here at Vancouver Segway Tours will teach you now to safely use the Segway.